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What's behind our holds ?



Gravity macros are made from polyester resin and fiberglass, covered with a mineral filler that provides a fine texture (or strong - depending on choice) and optimal grip. This process makes it possible to obtain light and very resistant long term holds. In addition, a protective final layer is applied to each grip to increase its life.



Gravity macros are fixed with wood screws. Each hole used is reinforced by an invisible metal plate directly integrated into the polyester. The double fastening system is specifically designed to guarantee a stable and resistant fastening. The wood screws are intended to solidify the inking and prevent the holds from turning. We recommend to all climbers the use of wood screws to ensure optimal fixation.



The use of climbing holds on a wall leads to fouling due to magnesia and gum slippers. In the long run, the roughness of the grip can be affected. We recommend that you wash the holds used regularly before placing them on the wall. We also advise a regular check of them, especially after a long period of use, to detect any area of ​​weakness or that can cause injury. The use of acidic products such as "Climb Clean" is recommended, as well as the use of kärcher up to 10cm from the grip (all with hot water, if possible).


We can realize all the desired colors based on the RAL reference.

We can also make any combination possible of two colors.

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